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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I get a reading from a professional?
    When first starting out, I suggest getting readings from others so you can catch on the natural way. In the end, Tarot is an introspective process. Learning it for yourself will give you power and hope.
  • How can I ask the best question?
    Decide what spread you want first. Any question can be answered by tarot, but each spread caters to a specific way of wording. For example; A 'past, present, future' spread would answer the question 'When will my love life get better?', But an 'inner self, outer self, outer influences' spread can answer 'Who am I to my partner?'
  • What if my reading doesn't seem like it pertains to my question?
    Sometimes Diviners just get wacky cards. As a long time reader, I suggest taking a picture of the reading and seeing if better interpretations of the cards occur to you. Look at the scenery in the cards and take the journey that was meant for you. If it just seems too off, ask for a partial refund. ( Questions are tricky. Asking the same question with different wording can give different answers. Also the question you ask might be affected by something you are unaware of and the cards are leading you to be aware of these things. Also, sometimes the question you are asking out-loud is NOT the question in you mind or that you really need to ask.)
  • What cards are in a tarot deck?
    Tarot cards may have originated in 1428AD with the Visconti playing cards. That deck had 14 cards per suit, and 4 suits plus an ever changing series of trump cards. For divination, the tradition is 78 cards total. 14 cups, 14 wands, 14 swords, 14 coins, and 22 major Arcana (numbered 0-21) *Many new decks are breaking from this tradition by adding additional suits and unique major Arcana, like the record setting "The Alleyman tarot" which has 137 cards plus potential booster packs.
  • Where did the tarot cards come from?
    The tarot deck began as playing cards for a game similar to bridge. The cards in the early tarot decks originate from a 15th century card deck crafted for the Viscontis, a Milanese family that dominated the cultural life of northern Italy.
  • Are upside-down cards always negative?
    While all cards can be read in a positive or negative way, I choose to read upside-down cards as close to the opposite of the right side-up meanings as possible. If the right side-up meaning is negative then the upside-down meaning is usually positive. ( First of all, tarot cards are suggestive, and some cards have significant imagery which affects the primary meanings. Upside-down cards may affect only part of the primary meaning rather than all of it.)
  • Do I need to touch the cards to get the best reading?
    In short, no. (But the more you concentrate on your specific question the better chance the cards can help you)
  • I feel conflicted as to which deck can answer my question best.
    Each deck has it's own presence, and caters to different question types. But I suggest using what you have on hand. I offer many decks in my readings of hope and chaos, and will use the deck that’s best for your question.
  • Can I come back for readings to clarify what my past readings have told me?
    Yes. I personally forget readings that I've done on purpose, but will always clarify any questions you have during our sessions time period.
  • If I pay for a session, how many questions can I ask?
    As many as you pay for. It's your time and I'm happy to optimize it for you.
  • I've gotten a reading and feel Eldiggs' cats interfered with my reading… can I get a refund?
    I'm always willing to refund the Net worth of each reading, with no questions asked. This won't be everything you paid because of the fees Eldigg has to pay on each reading.
  • What is your religion exactly?
    I am a progressive Christian and a Chaoist (chaos magician). These two religions butt heads at the best of times, and get brutal at the worst… but I know them both to be true.
  • How do consecrate your deck and channel your readings?
    Before every reading I say a simple prayer that cleanses the cards and brings you the best possible outcomes.
  • Do you believe that the cards tell the future?
    In short, no. I believe that we create our own future, as well as our own past, at every moment. Each moment is a fixed knot of energies that spreads out both in the future and in the past, and reading tarot uses the spirit within each of us to guide the cardstock (cards) to fall in just the right places to give us the message we need to hear.
  • What's up with you pen name anyway?
    I've gone by the name Emrys for a very long time, and have a tattoo of the name on my chest from 2013AD. The teachings of Merlin (AKA Emrys) that are passed down through spirit mean a great deal to me. Eldigg is a name that came to me through meditation and means Lightning Ball after the thunder storm that was happening that night.
  • Are you affiliated with any other group?
    Not directly, but I use materials in my readings that were created by artists throughout time. My web site is a collaboration between myself and Iris designs.
  • I received an incorrect order (wrong size, style, or product), what can I do?
    Pending Answer
  • Which payment methods do you provide?
    Pending Answer Here
  • I want to order in bulk? Can you provide bulk orders?
    Yes, we do! If you're interested in purchasing one of our products in bulk please email us at with the following: Product Name and Code if applicable Screenshot of the product Number of products needed We will follow up with you once received within 48 - 72 business hours.
  • My order is missing. How do I track my order?
    Upon checkout, you should receive a confirmation email with your order number. Once the order has been fulfilled, your order will be updated with an email that indicates your tracking and courier number. If you're having a hard time finding that information, please email us at with your order number so we can support you with tracking it through Modalyst.
  • What is your return policy?
    Eldigg Emry's and Modalyst offers our customers a 14-day return window for all products ordered through our marketplace. As long as the product is undamaged and unworn, the supplier may issue a refund once the item is received. Staff: Please click here for drop shipping returns
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