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Black Fabric
friendship 'round the globe
Black Diamond

A wheelchair wonder

He/Him (Bigender)

I am currently in a wheelchair, and make the best of it.

I love Pets and people, and at least the pets love me back. XD

I'm just a humble fortune teller who's not perfect, but my bacon crusted Boston butt is. :-D

If you want to know more, join my little community
here, or email me at 

A black cat in a paper bag
A black cat in a paper bag

a little darkness...

... Reigns in the light. (and wants cuddles please!)
I'm a goth clad cutie with tattoos and piercings who is looking for friends all around the globe. You must be crazy not to want this yet. ;-)

Boat Trip

And Eldigg Emrys. and Daniel.
*I'm 35 years old,
*live is Raleigh, NC, USA
*Am 5Ft 11In tall
*And weigh 240LB
*I speak English from all over, and love listening to languages I don't understand
*I don't have human kids, but I'm comfortable around yours.
(My furbabies are my life.)

*I vape hemp oils, but never nicotine.
*I drink alcohol to unwind some of the time. 


I've found the Rikka to my Yuuta :-)

Wanna hang out? I play Genshin Impact in my spare time and would love to co-op. email me at with your character name and UID.

Wanna play something else or just chat? I'd still love to hear from you. :-)

I also have the craziest Discord server ever. feel free and join any time.

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